All About the Orthophos XG3D Cone Beam Scanner


At Vacek Family Dentistry, we are dedicated to using the latest and best technology to help improve the quality of care that we provide. In continuing this tradition, we use the Orthophos XG3D cone beam scanner from Sirona Dental. The XG3D is a scanner allows us to create digital, three-dimensional images of your teeth. It’s a rotating scanner that takes only 14 seconds to complete a full digital scan of your smile. The 3D images make it easier for our patients to understand exactly what is going on with their smile as they can see it clearer than ever before. Also, if you’re concerned about radiation, this system emits less radiation than traditional X-ray systems.

This scanner system also works well with our implant surgeries. If you’re having dental implants, the XG3D scanner system also allows Dr. Vacek to plan out your implant surgery before it even happens. With all the planning done in advance of your implant surgery, the procedure will go even smoother.

The XG3D cone beam scanner is another way that we do our best to care for you and your smile. The 3D technology allows us to quickly capture a clear, detailed image of your smile for us to work with. Give us a call to learn more or see firsthand how this technology can work for your smile.

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