Children's Dentistry with Dr. Craig Vacek


Believe it or not, a child’s smile needs just as much tending to, if not more, than an adult’s. Because their teeth are new, their smiles are more susceptible to life’s dangers. Being a family man himself, Dr. Craig Vacek understands the importance of your child’s teeth, which is why he offers children’s dentistry to his patients, both young and old! We recommend your child sees Dr. Vacek when their first tooth comes in. We have put in a special effort to make sure our office is as kid friendly as possible. It is also beneficial for your child to get comfortable at a dentist’s office so they can get used to the regular goings-on in a dentist’s office. It is important that your child has healthy dental habits instilled in them early on, that way they are able to carry those habits with them for the rest of their lives. We will teach your child proper brushing and flossing techniques, and we will encourage you to reinforce them at home.

An important aspect to children’s dentistry is dental sealants that are placed on the back teeth, which adds an extra layer of protection from harmful bacteria. We will also do fluoride treatments, encouraging your little one’s teeth to grow strong and healthy.  If you have a question on how Dr. Vacek can help your child have a healthy smile for a lifetime, contact our office and make an appointment.

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