Have A Fuller Smile with Gum Recontouring


Between stains, cracks, and misalignment, there are many reasons for someone to be insecure about their smile. For some, however, their insecurities may not have anything to do with their teeth, but their gums. Many people suffer from a “gummy” smile, resulting in a look that’s all gum and hardly any tooth, which may not be the way you want your smile to look. Thankfully, Dr. Craig Vacek will be able to give you the full smile you have always wanted with gum recontouring! Gum recontouring, also known as a gum lift or gingivectomy, is a fairly simple procedure. Your new smile can be revealed in as little as one visit! We begin with talking with you about how you want your smile to look, what you can expect while the gum recontouring is being performed, and aftercare. On the day you are to have the gum recontouring done, we will mark your gums, letting us know just how much tissue to remove. We will also administer anesthesia or sedation so you do not feel a thing! Once everything is in place, we go ahead and remove the excess gum tissue. When all is done, you are left with nothing but a beautiful, full smile, ready to meet the world smile first!

The wonderful thing about the gum recontouring procedure is that it gives you the confidence you may have lost, or even never had, back. It is astounding how insecurities can rule someone’s life, and often it is a small process that is able to relieve those concerns. You will be able to laugh, smile, and meet new people with ease and confidence.

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