Guided Dental Implant Surgery for Lincoln, NE Community


When you have teeth missing from your smile, you may find it extremely difficult to be confident in the way you look. Your mouth is how you are able to nourish yourself, communicate, and show friendliness, and when your smile is not up to par or is compromised in any way, it can be disheartening. Though dentures and partials are one way to get a fuller smile, you may be wanting a more permanent solution to your smile woes. Dr. Craig Vacek understands his patients wanting a beautiful, full smile, which is why he offers guided dental implant surgery to his patients. Computer guided dental implant surgery is an amazing way for your new smile to be as accurate as possible while also being amazingly comfortable for our patients. The 3D scanning combined with the digital impressions made lets Dr. Vacek see every curve and contour of your gum tissue and jaw bone, that way, when your implants are placed, they are absolutely flawless! When we are able to know exactly what your jaw bone and gum tissue looks like, we are able to place the implants perfectly, maximizing your comfort and your new smile’s stability and success.

Another wonderful thing about computer guided dental implant surgery is that it is the most convenient for our patients! Because of all of the technology involved, and being as thorough as possible, many patients are able to have a final, fully functional smile the same day the implants are placed! A revolutionary advancement in dental technology, this is an excellent way for you to get the smile you have always wanted with the precision and accuracy you deserve!

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