Restore Your Smile Using Cosmetic Bonding


No matter what, all things in life are subject to life’s hard knocks. Little dings and knocks here in there really accumulate over time, and can alter the overall appearance of something. Unfortunately, your smile is of no exception. With the stains, chips, and cracks your smile has gathered over the years, it can make your smile not look as immaculate as you may want. Feeling confident in your smile is paramount in feeling confident about your overall appearance, and if that is compromised, it can really affect someone’s self-esteem. Dr. Craig P. Vacek is able to give you a renewed smile using cosmetic bonding, bringing your smile back to life! Cosmetic bonding is able to eliminate years of wear and tear in a single appointment, making it one of the most convenient ways to revamp your smile overnight. Also being able to correct slightly misaligned smiles, the options are practically limitless with what cosmetic bonding is able to do for your smile. We will be able to make a composite resin mixture that matches the color of your natural teeth exactly, making sure your transformation look as natural as possible. When applied, Dr. Vacek will sculpt your smile to your liking, and then buff it to make it shine bright! The end result is a beautiful, flawless smile!

A wonderful and more affordable alternative to porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding is able to last between five to ten years with proper maintenance. Cosmetic bonding is also stain resistant, being able to shield itself from coffee, tea, wine, and other staining foods and drinks. If you would like Dr. Vacek’s help revitalizing your smile using cosmetic bonding, make an appointment today!

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