Get Amazing Crowns Thanks To CEREC


There is no doubt we live in a fast-paced world, and we want things accomplished as soon as possible. From waiting in line for our morning coffee to finding out the results of an important test, people want things done instantly so they can move on to the next adventure. The same theory can be applied to your smile, as many people want things done in a single appointment to save time and money. When it comes to crowns, having to wait to have them made can be excruciating both for your patience and for your smile. Thankfully, Dr. Craig P. Vacek is able to give you the crown you need in a single appointment thanks to CEREC One-Visit Crowns! The beginning process to getting your new crown is preparing your natural tooth. Then we will use a scanner to observe your prepared tooth and the area surrounding it, and whatever information it gathers, it sends it to a computer. The computer then analyzes the information it has received, and when it is finished, it will display a picture of your new crown! We have a milling machine in our office, and when it gets all of the information it needs, it will begin creating your custom crown from a lone block of porcelain. We will make sure that the color of the porcelain matches your natural tooth color exactly, ensuring the crown to be placed blends in seamlessly with your natural smile. In as little as about twenty minutes, your new crown is made, and it will be placed and made permanent onto your prepared tooth!

One of the great things about CEREC One-Visit Crowns is the fact that no messy impressions need to be made in order to create your crown. Also, because the entire process is done in one appointment, you are able to save time and, more importantly, your hard-earned money. Being stronger than metal crowns, CEREC’s crowns promise strength and stability! If you would like Dr. Vacek’s help in creating your new crown using CEREC, contact our office today.

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