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One of the most beautiful things about children is the fact they are just starting out on this adventure called life. Being able to be carefree, they have the advantage of not having to worry about some things they will inherit as they grow older. One thing your child should not be carefree about, however, is their smile. Because their smiles are new, they are much more susceptible to decay, and it is important they take great care of their smile as early as possible. By offering children’s dentistry to his patients, Dr. Craig P. Vacek is able to ensure your child’s oral health for years to come. One of the reasons why taking care of your child’s smile is so important at an early age is so their adult teeth will also be healthy when they finally emerge. Having a healthy smile overall encourages healthy tooth growth, and in the years to come, that will definitely be beneficial to your child. Our mouths are used to communicate with others, nourish ourselves, and show friendliness to others, and your child being able to feel confident in that will be wonderful to their self-esteem and their social skills.

One thing we offer is fluoride treatments. Being a common aspect of children’s dentistry, fluoride strengthens the tooth’s enamel as well as attracts other minerals to make a healthy smile. Also, we offer dental sealants to our younger patients. Sealants are thin, plastic coatings painted on the teeth located toward the back of your child’s mouth. This makes sure that no food particles and bacteria make your child’s smile their new home, potentially causing tooth decay. Having many wonderful benefits, schedule your child’s appointment with Dr. Vacek today, and get them on the road to beautiful oral health!

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