Quality Dental Crowns & Bridges At Vacek Family Dentistry in Lincoln, NE.


Fixed bridges and dental crowns in Lincoln, Nebraska are permanent replacements for damaged or missing teeth. They can be created in a numbe of ways by a skilled restorative/cosmetic dentist according to patient need. Replacing missing or seriously compromised teeth with dental crowns and bridges has been a sensible choice for patients for years. While these restorative measures preserve normal chewing, biting, and speaking, they also stop neighboring teeth from drifting. Besides supporting good dental health, crowns and bridges equal great aesthetics, creating an attractive, gap-free smile for years to come.

Dental Crowns or bridges--solid restorations for your smile.

For years, dental crowns have been a top dental choice to preserve the integrity of a tooth compromised by:

  • fracture
  • extensive decay
  • multiple or large fillings
  • root canal therapy
  • naturally odd shape or reduced size
  • need for root canal therapy

The tried and true method crafting a crown from metal alloy and porcelain is still in place today and involves impressions in the dental office and skilled artistry by a dental technician. Glued in place after some tooth reshaping, the porcelain and porcelain and alloy dental crowns fashioned in Lincoln, Nebraska and hundreds of other communities across the country give individuals natural-looking smiles. These restorations last for 5 to 10 years with regular dental hygiene such as daily flossing and twice a day brushing.

As a highly trained family dentist, CraigP. Vacek DDS also offers one-visit dental crowns. Known as CEREC crowns (Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramics), these restorations are designed and custom-milled right in the treatment room. Utilizing sophisticated CAD/CAM (Computer-aided Design/Computer-aided Manufacturing), Dr. Vacek actually designs the perfect crown from a solid block of mouth-friendly porcelain. He adjusts its fit and bite and bonds it into place, creating a gap-free smile that feels, works and looks outstanding. The procedure is comfortable and takes little more than one hour.

Alternatively, Dr.Vacek may choose a dental bridge for his patient. Comprised of one or more prosthetic teeth, fixed bridgework is permanent and can be attached to neighboring teeth via:

  • dental crowns on each side
  • resin bonding (called a Maryland bridge)
  • cantilevering replacement teeth off a crown on one side of the appliance

Where appropriate, fixed bridgework may have a solid foundation in multiple dental implants, filling in a whole section or an entire arch of missing teeth. While there are situations where removable bridgework or a partial denture may be suitable, both patients and dentists like the look and feel these fixed appliances. Again, with good dental hygiene at home, plus exams and cleanings at Vacek Dentistry, fixed bridges can last upwards of 15 years.

Consult Dr. Vacek in Lincoln, Nebraska about dental crowns and bridges.

The world of dentistry provides several good options for keeping a smile healthy, attractive and fully functional. At Vacek Dentistry, Dr. Vacek will examine your teeth, gums and bone structure, determine your needs and present you with choices appropriate for you and your smile.

For complete information on dental crowns and bridges, call Vacek Dentistry for an appointment: (402) 858-7135.