We Make Back-to-School Checkups Fun for the Whole Family!

It’s almost that time of year again. We can hear the grunts from kids all over the area. Those nights spent staying up late and waking up whenever they wanted are almost over. It’s time to get back into the school grind, and with that, it’s a great time to start scheduling a back-to-school appointment for your kiddos. Summertime is synonymous with a “chill” attitude where anything goes. Unfortunately, that’s the same attitude kids and sometimes parents take whenever this glorious time of year comes around. All sorts of temptations surround everyone, especially in food and beverage form. Chances are you’ve let the kids eat their fair share of sugary delights and whatnot. Hey, we’re not here to come down on you, it happens. They’re kids, after all. But, being kids also means that their mouths are much more susceptible to disease and infections because they are still maturing. Young mouths need extra help, and an appointment at our Lincoln, NE office will help us keep a close eye on your kids’ dental health.


Kids Need a Regular Checkup

How important is a regular dental checkup? Well, the American Dental Association says it holds the same amount of water as immunizations and booster shots; i.e. very important. The number of tooth-decay cases spread throughout this country among youngsters is staggering – roughly 19% of children aged 2-19. Tooth decay can become a very big problem if nothing is done about it. It can lead to severe dental pain and infections. A child’s shouldn’t have to go through an experience like that, so it’s vital you see us for an appointment before the school insanity ensues.

We’ll thoroughly inspect their mouth for any problems. We can identify issues in their infancy before they increase in size and scope. But, it isn’t just our dental professionals that can make a big difference in your kids’ oral health. There’s a lot you can do, too!

Here are a few friendly recommendations for you parents out there:

  • Help your little ones with toothbrush-technique lessons. You can make it fun by incorporating a story with the emphasis on starting them off with great dental hygiene.
  • Pack their lunches with healthy foods and snacks like fruits, raw veggies, raisins, nuts and yogurt.
  • If they’re involved in sports, consider outfitting their mouths with an athletic mouthguard.
  • Remember to see us every six months for a regular checkup

Keeping your children’s teeth healthy and happy all school-year-long is what we care about most.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

We understand that the start of a new school year can be a chaotic time. Our Lincoln, NE office is here to help in any way that we can. Your kids’ teeth require great dental treatment when it counts, that’s where Dr. Craig Vacek’s experience comes into play. We invite everyone outside of Lincoln to see us, too. That includes residents in Prairie Home, Emerald, Waverly, Cheney and beyond.