CEREC Crowns Restore Smiles in Lincoln, NE


If you stop and think about it, you’re teeth endure quite a lot. Although they are built to be strong—tooth enamel is actually the hardest substance in the human body-- biting and chewing each and every day is no easy job. For most of us, the consequence of a job well done is a tooth that eventually needs repair. Whether because of severe tooth decay or traumatic injury, a tooth may need a little help. In this case, Vacek Family Dentistry in Lincoln, NE, offers CEREC one day crowns. Unlike a traditional crown that is fabricated outside of our office in a dental lab, with CEREC we make your new crown right here in our Lincoln dental office. A traditional crown typically requires two appointments: one to prepare the tooth and take impressions for the manufacture of the crown and a second to place the crown. With CEREC, however, you only need to schedule one visit with Dr. Vacek and his staff.

Same Day Crowns with the CEREC System

The CEREC in-office system includes a digital camera that allows us to develop a visual image of your damaged tooth. This is in lieu of taking an impression of your tooth in order to create the mold that a dental lab would need to make a crown. With this image, the CEREC 3D CAD (computer aided design) software designs your crown, and finally the in-office CEREC mill manufactures your new crown.

When you come to Vacek Family Dentistry with a damaged tooth in need of restoration, Dr. Vacek will determine if a crown is the best option for you. If so, then with a same day crown, we can restore your smile without much disruption to your busy schedule.

At your appointment, we’ll use the CEREC digital camera to capture an image of your tooth before preparation. Then, once the tooth and surrounding gum tissue are sufficiently anesthetized, Dr. Vacek will reduce the size of the tooth and, if the tooth is badly decayed, remove the decayed portion. By making your tooth smaller, we ensure that your new crown will fit comfortably and seamlessly alongside your other teeth.

After preparation, another digital image is taken and entered into the CEREC computer. The computer software creates an exact 3D image of the tooth and also determines the right color, shape and size of your crown. This in turn is sent to the CEREC mill in our office where your metal-free restoration is carved from a block of porcelain or composite resin in about 20 minutes. Once this step is completed, the only thing left to do is bond the crown into place. In one day, you’ll have new and functional tooth.

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If you have a decayed or damaged tooth, then a crown may be the ideal solution. At Vacek Family Dentistry in Lincoln, NE, you can have that solution in one day with a CEREC crown. Our office is proud to serve Lincoln, Waverly, Hickman, Firth, Crete, Seward, and the nearby areas.