How to maximize your teeth whitening results in 4 steps


Congratulations on your new, beautifully white teeth! At Vacek Family Dentistry, we are proud to help our patients achieve their most stunning smiles with professional at-home teeth whitening in Lincoln. And once your treatment is over, we know you’re thinking about one thing -- how can I make these fabulous results last? Good question. Dr. Vacek and his team are in with four tips on caring for your newly white teeth, so keep reading to learn how you can maximize your results, for dazzling white teeth that last for thousands of smiles!

Four steps to caring for your newly bright teeth

When you make an investment in your smile, you want it to last. No bleaching treatment offers permanent results, but following this advice can help to make the most of your results!

#1: Avoid the common stain culprits

It’s the same as before you whitened: as much as you can, try to avoid the foods and beverages that stain -- like red wine, dark sodas and coffee. This is especially important during your actual whitening treatment, because your teeth may more readily stain teeth at this time.

#2: Clean like you know you should

Once your teeth whitening treatment is complete, excellent dental hygiene is as important as ever. You should continue to brush for two minutes, twice a day, ideally after breakfast and before bed. And don’t skip the floss after brushing -- it’s your only method of removing the leftover decay- and stain- causing bacteria that your toothbrush just can’t reach.

#3: Start rinsing with water

Water is a powerful thing when it comes to your oral health. One of its abilities is removing the staining agents that remain on your teeth after you eat or drink something that’s highly pigmented. So for when you just can’t resist that morning cup of joe or nightly glass of wine, do your white teeth a favor and rinse with water afterward to help them stay as bright as possible.

#4: See your dentist for regular checkups

Keeping your teeth healthy will help them stay as white as they are right now, and we know that prevention is the best way to make sure teeth stay strong and decay-free. But do you want to know the preventive step that’s most frequently ignored by adults? Visiting the dentist every six months. Stay on top of your regular checkups and cleanings and you’ll enjoy teeth that stay brighter -- and healthier -- as a result.

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