What Does a 3D Cone Beam Scanner Provide?


A 3D Cone Beam Scanner is now one of the most popular and widely used x-ray machines in the dental world. The 3D Scanner is an advancement in dentistry technology that produces 3D images of a patient’s mouth to allow for precision diagnosis to create comprehensive treatment plans. With the use of the high-tech equipment, dentists have a greater ability to create a customized treatment plan through the use of the 3D images. This is very beneficial for those who need dental implants because the dentist is able to see if bone grafting is needed.

3D Cone Beam Scanner with Your Lincoln Dentist

The Orthophos XG 3D system is a rotating scanner that collects 3D data in less than 14 seconds. The quick process gives the dentist crystal clear digital images. Not only does the dentist have clear pictures for an inside look to oral health, but the patient is exposed to less radiation through digital imaging than through the use of traditional film x-rays. It’s the perfect solution for safe, timely, and efficient diagnostics.

3D Scans for Dental Implants

At Vacek Family Dentistry, we proudly offer the 3D Cone Beam Scanner to better allow us to provide comprehensive images for dental implants. With the use of the scanner, we can understand your unique oral health needs by viewing the high-quality images on a large screen. With the in-depth images, we’ll gain the inside knowledge needed to devise an effective treatment plan.

For those interested in dental implants, we use the scan prior to surgery. It’s an important part of the pre-plan to give us a clear view to create a highly precise surgical guide. We combine the data from the 3D scan with other advancements in dentistry and high-tech procedures to fully redesign your new smile before we even begin the procedure.

With comprehensive planning and extensive insight into your oral health using the images, we are able to simplify a complex procedure to make it more predictable for a more successful outcome. As a result, you’ll have fewer complications and your dentist in Lincoln can deliver more effective results.

At Vacek Family Dentistry, we are committed to providing the best dental care possible. Our ability to provide the highest standard of care relies on the use of the latest innovations and advancements in dentistry, which is why we offer cutting-edge technology. We are better able to devise appropriate treatment plans for rapid diagnosis and response time.

Supported by a progressive philosophy, we proudly offer the 3D Cone Beam Scanner as part of our everyday services at our modern dental practice. The three dimensional images allow us to have a firmer understanding of your oral health needs, while allowing us to completely educate you about your oral health. This allows us to provide the complete oral health care you need for a radiant smile while making office visits easier for our patients.

If you’re ready to benefit from state-of-the-art technology and elite dental services, contact Vacek Family Dentistry today to schedule a consultation.