Your Dentist in Lincoln Talks Wisdom Teeth

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Take a moment and think about all the things that have changed over the course of your life. It’s probably too much to count, right? You have a car, a job, a house, and maybe even kids of your own. Even you from 5 years ago seems very different from the person you are today. Humans, as a species, have changed a lot over the course of time as well, and one those changes can be illustrated by the wisdom teeth. Why do we still have them if so many people need to get them removed? Your dentist in Lincoln at Vacek Family Dentistry is going to tell you a little more about your wisdom teeth, and how you can know when they need to be removed.

What Are Wisdom Teeth? Why Do We Have Them?

The wisdom teeth are actually your third set of molars. They are called that because they are typically the last set of teeth to come in, somewhere around age 16-25.

Our diet has changed a lot as we’ve developed as a species. Modern food preparation techniques make eating much easier than it used to be. Simple things like utensils and cooking make tough foods such as meat and fibrous vegetables much more edible. Can you imagine trying to eat a steak with just your hands? The foods we consume today are much softer than the roots, nuts, and plants our ancestors had to eat. The wisdom teeth made us able to chew these tough foods and survive.

Why Are They Removed So Often?

The human body is much different than it used to be. Gradually, the head and jaw have become smaller, and these means there is less room for your wisdom teeth. Now they can cause many problems when they come in, such as crowding, or even developing an infection. They have the ability to change the alignment of your entire mouth, and this can lead to a litany of problems.

This is why Dr. Vacek and Dr. Gufford will always examine your wisdom teeth whenever you come in for a check-up. They will see how they are developing, and advise you when they need to be removed in order to save you from developing any problems. If you are already suffering from pain due to your wisdom teeth, they are able to take the proper steps to get them removed.

The best way to avoid any issues with your wisdom teeth is to routinely visit Vacek Family Dentistry. The doctors can keep a close eye on them, so that is one less thing you need to think about.

Any Questions?

The wisdom teeth are an interesting souvenir that shows how the human body has changed over time. While they may have been essential in the past, most people are better off without them today. If you are suffering from wisdom teeth pain, or simply want to know when the best time is to remove them, all you need to do is come see us today.