Receive Several Types of Gingivitis Treatment in Lincoln

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Most of the population has gum disease and you just found out you’re one of them. Great. Now what? Vacek Family Dentistry has more than one gingivitis treatment in Lincoln to help improve the health of your gums. That’s right, our innovative dentists have excelled in scaling and root planing, adding antibiotic therapy, laser treatments, and even oral surgery to provide the best dental care for patients that truly need it. If you have gum disease, you may have some questions about how you may have got to this point and what Dr. Vacek and Dr. Gufford can do to help you.

Stages of Gum Disease

Gum disease is an infection of the gums and bone tissue that support your teeth, holding them in place. When you develop gum disease, especially in its advanced form (periodontal disease), you become much more susceptible to severe systematic health problems like heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and much more because of the inflammation it causes.

Healthy Gums

Firm, pink gums should not bleed when you take care of your mouth at home. They also shouldn’t bleed when either of our Lincoln dentists cleans them.


Red, swollen gums that bleed when brushed or flossed at home. There is a potential loss of gum tissue with gingivitis, but in most cases, your jawbone still stays healthy.

Early Periodontal Disease

Your red, swollen gums will continue to bleed every time you brush and floss. Your gums will start to form pockets between teeth and start receding from your teeth. A film of bacteria will sit on top of your teeth and will eat away at your jawbone density. This makes it possible for teeth to become loose and potentially fall out.

Advanced Periodontal Disease

You will experience heavy bleeding when you try to brush and floss your teeth. You will notice severe gum recession and your teeth will feel extremely loose. Significant deconstruction of your jawbone will occur and cause shifts in your smile from loose teeth.

Types of Gum Disease Therapy

Unfortunately, gum disease isn’t completely curable. Even though that’s a stark reality, we can treat gum disease accordingly once it’s already set in. In most cases, you can expect painless, non-surgical therapy including:


A non-surgical portion of gum disease therapy that removed hardened plaque (tartar) from below the gum line.

Root Planing

This part of gum disease therapy goes hand-in-hand with scaling. Our dental professionals with smooth the tooth roots to promote new, healthy attached gums.

Antibiotic Therapy

Some patients will receive a doctor prescribed antibiotic to take alongside more frequent dental cleanings and scaling and root planing. This helps to battle internal infections.

Laser Treatments

Our office is equipped with a soft tissue diode laser that can remove and reduce a significant amount of periodontal disease. Using lasers makes the procedure more precise, quick, and helps our patients to heal much faster.

Oral Surgery

This is our absolute last option and reserved for patients with severe cases of gum disease. In some cases, our office may refer patients to a trusted, specialized periodontist to receive the dental care they severely need.

Visit Vacek Family Dentistry

You can reduce your chances of developing gum disease by practicing good dental habits now. That means brushing and flossing as recommended by your dentist and attending all your regular dental appointments.

If you’re unsure about the health of your gums contact our Lincoln office. Vacek Family Dentistry offers effective, thorough gum disease therapy that truly works. We can give you comfortable dental care to keep your smile as healthy as possible.