Out-of-Network is NOT a Dirty Word

Saying the phrase “Out-of-Network” may make you want to wash your mouth out with soap, but we embrace it with pride (and squeaky-clean teeth!) At Vacek Family Dentistry we believe that your dental care options should not be limited by an insurance network. Finding the Lincoln-area dentist that fits your oral health needs is what matters, and to prove it we are putting our money where your mouth is. Read more about our limited-time offer below!

All Your Needs in One Dental Practice

Dr. Vacek is a dental expert, offering premiere technology and compassionate service in one comfortable setting. In fact, Dr. Vacek regularly trains OTHER dentists in using the advanced technology we have available for our patients. What would be extraordinary in a traditional dental office is our standard procedure, every day routine. No need for referrals to specialists or doctors outside our office.

We sit down and talk with each new patient before they get in the chair to discuss an individualized patient care plan. Patients of all ages will enjoy trips to the dentist, because we cater to our young patients in a kind and kid-friendly way.

Beyond general dentistry that keeps teeth strong and clean, we also offer restorative dentistry to fix problems or injuries with the most conservative treatments possible. For example, CEREC technology delivers beautiful porcelain crowns in just one visit, all from one familiar and comfortable office!

The quality of work at Vacek Family Dentistry is outstanding, and so is our patient service. We offer convenient appointment times and emergency availability. We’ve been serving Lincoln, NE families for 16 years. The difference we make for our patients is real, and it’s not dependent on their insurance company.

The Financial Question

At Vacek Family Dentistry, we are our own network. We don’t allow insurance companies to run our office, after all, we aren’t here to treat insurance companies. We are here to treat you, our patients.

Many of our patients don’t carry traditional dental insurance, and depending on your situation, the benefit of third party dental insurance may be questionable. We offer an Advantage Plan that might be a better fit for you. It is designed specifically for individuals, families, and business owners to offer benefits without the administrative, start-up, ongoing cost and limitations of traditional insurance.

Beyond our Advantage Plan, we also offer a variety of financing options for our patients. We know our patients are facing unique challenges and need unique solutions. Our partnership with CareCredit gives you more flexibility and choice. We offer a complimentary and customized analysis of your situation, goals, and options, because everyone deserves a beautiful smile.

We are so confident that you will see a difference in coming to our office, that for a limited time we are offering a $100 credit for new, out-of-network patients. Click below to schedule your appointment and experience what truly patient-centered care looks and feels like.