“I’d Rather Come See You Twice, Doc,” Said No Patient Ever!

At Vacek Family Dentistry, a Lincoln, NE dental practice, CEREC one-visit dentistry has made temporary crowns a thing of the past.  CEREC is short for ceramic reconstruction, and it is a clinically proven CAD/CAM technology allowing Dr. Vacek and his staff to create beautiful, long-lasting crowns, partial crowns, and veneers in a single, convenient visit.

Having a broken or damaged tooth is disconcerting enough in itself; waiting two weeks for the permanent replacement is just plain archaic.  At Vacek Family Dentistry, we understand you have better things to do and we also recognize that technology is making all aspects of your life a little easier, so why should dentistry be stuck in the past?  What if the strength, beauty, and function of your natural smile could be recreated in a single, convenient visit?

Instead of a mouthful of impression putty, a CEREC crown starts with a highly accurate digital scan which builds a 3D model of your tooth and the surrounding areas in real-time video capture. The high definition model captures detail down to thousandths of millimeters!  Then the powerful CEREC software, coupled with years of experience for Dr. Vacek and his team, take over to design your crown right before your eyes and within a few minutes.

While you watch TV or read a book, or just enjoy the rare and simple pleasure of having nothing to do for a few minutes, the design is transmitted to our state-of-the art milling chamber, and the crown is fabricated right here in the office.  The material, the color, and even the surface texture are all customized for your individual situation.  Dr. Vacek’s assistants are true artists when it comes to creating beautiful, natural results that look, feel, and act like real teeth….and isn’t that the whole point in the first place?

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Trust an expert

Like any technology, proficiency with CEREC does not happen overnight.  Dr. Vacek committed to CEREC technology in 2006 and has spent a dozen years and countless hours learning and perfecting the process.  Similarly, assistants like Stacy and Sarah have been customizing CEREC crowns for patients for over ten years!  As with any good technology, with CEREC there is constant evolution and improvement in both the hardware and software, and even in the materials themselves. 

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Dr. Vacek’s commitment to this technology is epitomized by the training he does, both regionally and nationally, for doctors who are just beginning their journey with CEREC.  He is honored and privileged to be a Visiting Faculty member at CERECdoctors.com, the world’s foremost training center for CEREC dentists.  Similarly, Dr. Vacek helps dental students embrace CEREC technology as a part-time CAD/CAM faculty member at the UNMC College of Dentistry.

Trust the technology

Thank goodness Dr. V reads the literature so you don’t have to!  CEREC crowns are the most researched restoration in the history of dentistry.  When done properly and in skilled hands, it just works…plain and simple.  Patients ask us all the time why all dental offices don’t use this technology.  The short answer is, “They should!” In fairness, though, CEREC requires a major commitment to ongoing learning and a significant technology investment on the part of the doctor.  It is part of our ongoing commitment to bring the latest in proven technology to improve the overall experience for our patients and we are proud to deliver it to all of you who have entrusted your care to us!

The future of CEREC

Dr. Vacek and his staff also use CEREC imaging, design and milling technology for an increasing number of new and exciting applications.  One great example is all digital scans for Invisalign patients with no need for traditional impressions.  Another application is the design and milling of highly precise surgical guides for guided dental implant surgery with 3d imaging.  Join us in the evolution to a higher level of care and a better patient experience…..because all dental offices are not created equal.


So let’s review….

If you like less appointments, , avoiding messy impressions, and getting results that look, feel, and function like real teeth in a single visit…

….then you should give us a call and ask us about CEREC single visit dentistry!

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Dr. Craig Vacek