Taking Care of Your Teeth Helps You Lose Weight


Good oral habits offer a whole host of benefits like teeth and gums free from cavities and decay. But good oral habits can also promote weight loss. Many nutritionists believe weight loss is directly connected to what passes through our teeth, i.e., what we eat. In fact, most believe you’ll lose more if you focus 80 percent on diet and 20 percent on exercise.

According to the American Dental Association, making smart food choices, paying attention to portion size and exercising can benefit your waistline and your teeth. 

  1. Nutritious foods have properties that benefit your teeth. A healthy plate should always include fruits and vegetables, grains, protein and dairy, all of which help keep your body and mouth healthy. Fruits and vegetables are high in water and fiber which balances the sugars they contain and stimulates saliva production which washes away harmful acids, protecting teeth from cavities. Phosphorus-rich protein help keep your mouth healthy and calcium-rich dairy is essential for strong teeth and gums. 

  2. Choosing water over soda cuts calories and keeps cavities at bay. One can of soda contains about 150 calories; drink a couple of cans per day and the calories quickly add up. Let’s not forget the sugar in soda, about 12.5 teaspoons per can, which can cause cavities. Swapping out sugar with water helps protect your teeth by washing away leftover food and eliminating dry mouth – plus it contains zero calories.

  3. Cutting dessert reduces your calorie risk. Sugar contains acids that destroy your tooth enamel, opening the door to tooth pain and cavities. If you’re looking to lose weight, swapping sugary desserts with fruit or sugarless gum is a smart swap. In fact, studies show that chewing sugarless gum for 20 minutes after eating can reduce your risk of cavities.

  4. Brushing for bed earlier curbs late night snacking. Snacking on junk foods late at night not only adds calories but that leave unwanted food bacteria on your teeth. Brushing your teeth at night earlier will help motivate you to skip the midnight snack.

  5. The top foods that damage your teeth are the worst for your diet. Hard candy, potato chips, alcohol and sports drinks can all torpedo your diet, but they are also damaging to your teeth. Hard candy can chip a tooth, starchy potato chips can get trapped in your teeth leading to plaque build-up, alcohol causes dehydration that reduces saliva flow and sports drinks are some of the worst enamel destroyers. Staying away from these foods will benefit your waistline and your mouth.

Our bodies are made up many magnificent parts that work together to allow us to live our lives in the best way possible. Doing something good for one part, naturally benefits the others. Eating a healthy diet benefits your waistline, teeth, organs, muscles, skin and hair. Dr. Vacek can not only examine your teeth but can offer tips and techniques to keep them healthy, bright and beautiful. Contact us for an appointment today.

Dr. Craig Vacek