6 Common Myths About The Dentist


When’s the last time you’ve been to the dentist? Has it been six months, a year or even six years ago? So many people put off regular checkups because of fears or excuses. We’re here to tell you to forget what you think you about seeing the dentist; visits with Dr. Vacek are easy, affordable and as painless as possible. Here are six myths – debunked - about the dentist.

Myth 1: A visit to the dentist equals pain. The truth is most dental procedures are relatively painless. Cleanings, polishing and even fillings are easy on patients, causing minor discomfort if any. And, if we do need to perform a procedure that is more in-depth, relax – Dr. Vacek is a pro. He’s an expert at implants, crowns and even cosmetic procedures. You’re in good hands with Dr. Vacek.

Myth 2: My child only has baby teeth. There’s no need to see a dentist. Wrong. The truth is your child should start seeing Dr. Vacek as soon as they get teeth. Dr. Vacek and his staff will not only teach your child proper brushing techniques but watch for any signs of decay so your child has healthy teeth for life.

Myth 3: I brush and floss; I don’t need to see a dentist. Nope. The truth is even you could brush and floss all day (we don’t recommend that by the way) and still not receive the benefits a dental visit provides. At each appointment, Dr. Vacek and staff completely check your teeth and overall mouth health. Dr. Vacek can detect any encroaching issues and address them before they turn into big pain and even bigger dollars.

Myth 4: Getting braces means getting a mouthful of metal. Not anymore! In truth, advances in orthodontics have made traditional metal braces just one of many options available. For example, we offer Invisalign clear aligners at our Lincoln, Neb. dental office. Dr. Vacek can use his CEREC imaging equipment to create digital models for these orthodontic cases. Gone are the days of uncomfortable mouth impressions; instead the doctor performs a 3D scan to produce a predicted finished product complete with a timeline of how long the patient will need to wear the aligners and how many will be needed for the desired outcome.

Myth 5: I need a crown but I don’t want to wait two weeks. This used to be a truth, but not anymore! CEREC one-visit dentistry has made temporary crowns a thing of the past. CEREC, short for ceramic reconstruction, is a clinically proven CAD/CAM technology that allows Dr. Vacek and his staff to create a crown in a single, convenient visit. No more waiting two weeks. Now all it takes is one afternoon to have a beautiful, long-lasting crown, partial crowns and veneers.

Myth 6: I need dental insurance to be able to afford an appointment. Not so! The truth is at Vacek Family Dentistry, we are our own network. Many of our patients don’t carry traditional dental insurance, and depending on your situation, the benefit of third party dental insurance may be questionable. We offer an Advantage Plan that might be a better fit for you. It is designed specifically for individuals, families and business owners to offer benefits without the administrative, start-up, ongoing cost and limitations of traditional insurance. We also offer a variety of financing options for our patients and a complimentary and customized analysis of your situation, goals and options, because everyone deserves a beautiful smile.

Let Dr. Vacek and his staff squash your fears and reservations about going to the dentist. Contact us today for an appointment and see just how great the experience can be!

Dr. Craig Vacek