Lincoln Kids Deserve A Healthy Smile! 

Your child’s smile needs regular dental attention every six months just like yours.

How old should my child be for the first dental visit?

Children should begin to see the dentist at one-year-old. We recommend you bring them one of your dental appointments first for a “Happy Visit.” This visit gives us the opportunity to help them get used to the sights and sounds of our Lincoln, Neb. dental office and provide a quick check for proper development. Our caring and gentle team makes children’s dentistry fun; creating positive associations with the dentist that your child can carry with them for a lifetime.



Why do baby teeth need dental care? Don’t they just fall out?

Just because your child’s baby teeth will eventually fall out doesn’t mean tooth decay isn’t an issue. In fact, tooth decay in primary teeth could mean your child’s at a higher risk for tooth decay in permanent teeth. Not only that but if the decay is severe, it can affect your child’s overall health.


What happens during my child’s visit?

Dr. Vacek and the team at Vacek Family Dentistry will help your child learn proper brushing and flossing techniques that you can reinforce at home. We offer age-appropriate children's dentistry services, including hygiene, dental sealants and fluoride supplements to help prevent cavities and keep teeth strong. If a problem should arise, you can rest assured your child will receive compassionate, quality care.