Superior Teeth Whitening in Lincoln, NE

Smile Bright Lincoln, with Teeth Whitening from Dr. Vacek!

If you look in the mirror and don't like the shade of your teeth, you're not alone. As many as 8 in 10 adults want a brighter smile. The good news? You can change your smile comfortably and quickly with at-home teeth whitening from Vacek Family Dentistry.

There are so many different reasons why teeth begin to discolor. First of all, consider the foods and beverages your enjoy daily. That morning cup of coffee may jump start your day, but it also leaves stain causing ingredients on the enamel surface of your teeth. The same happens with tea, cola and red wine, too.

If you’re a smoker—and we hope you’re not—then the tar in cigarettes and cigars causes staining as well. Other factors that can contribute to your yellow, gray or brown smile include:

  • Medications such as the antibiotic tetracycline or some forms of chemotherapy
  • Teeth grinding, which not only wears teeth but can also darken the biting surfaces
  • Injuries that cause cracks, which hide stain-causing debris
  •  Aging

At-Home Teeth Whitening

Dr. Vacek will provide you with custom bleaching trays that fit snugly and comfortably. The take-home whitening kit includes a safe, professional grade solution that powers out deep stains. Just pour the gel into your trays and wear them as directed each day. You’ll notice whiter teeth within one week and realize dramatic results after about two weeks of daily treatment.

Over-the-Counter vs. Professional Whitening

Whitening toothpastes and over-the-counter strips lack the strength to lighten deep discolorations. In addition, there’s no way to know how long a product at the supermarket or the pharmacy has been sitting on the shelf. The ingredients in any whitening product begin to weaken with time. Using a professional whitening system from your dentist guarantees that you’ll be using a full-strength whitening solution. With an at-home whitening kit from our Lincoln dental practice, you can lighten your teeth 6 to 10 shades. For patients who want instant and longer lasting whitening, Vacek Family Dentistry also offers cosmetic bonding and porcelain veneers. These options not only improve the color of your smile, but the shape and size of your teeth, as well. Talk to Dr. Vacek today about the teeth whitening solution that is best for you. We want your smile to make you happy and give you confidence!