No Insurance? No Problem.


The Vacek Family Dentistry Advantage Plan (AP) is an annual reduced-fee savings plan available to families and individuals without dental insurance. Compare our plan to traditional insurance:

Available Benefits Vacek Family Dentistry Advantage Plan Traditional Dental Insurance
No Waiting Period YES NO
No Annual Maximums YES NO
No Deductibles YES NO
Annual Preventative Care 100% Covered
- Cleanings
- X-rays
- Annual Fluoride Treatments
- Periodontal Screenings
- Oral Cancer Screenings
20% Courtesy on Additional Services
- Crowns
- Bridges
- Implants
- Fillings
- Dentures
- Cosmetic Services

Unlike conventional dental insurance plans, with the Advantage Plan there are no deductibles, no yearly maximums, and no waiting periods to begin treatment. AP benefits coverage begins immediately on plan registration and payment.  Best of all, because AP is administered by our office independently, we handle everything for you, and you will always have a personal contact for plan questions and information.

Plans starting at $30/month


Multiple payment and pricing options are available, our team will work with you to find what works best for you!


But I have insurance.

Patients sometimes wonder if our office is ‘on the list’ for their insurance company. They are usually referring to a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) dental insurance plan which encourages them to choose a dentist within the company’s network. Our decision to remain non-contracted with most insurance carriers is driven by several factors:

  • It allows us to spend more time with each patient.

  • It allows us to offer better care to patients. The dentist and patient choose the treatment plan rather than the insurance company dictating the options available.

  • It allows us to focus on quality in every aspect of our office – from technology to materials to dental labs.

  • It still allows most patients with a PPO insurance plan to see the dentist of their choice.

  • Most of the time, patients find the out-of-pocket difference to be a non-issue relative to the value of seeing a dentist they know and trust. Some patients even forgo dental insurance entirely, opting instead for our Advantage Plan.