No Insurance? No Problem. 

  • Have you avoided the dentist due to lack of insurance?

  • Are you self-employed and found dental insurance to be cost prohibitive for you and your family?

  • Are your retiring and concerned about dental expenses going forward?

  • Do you feel your dental insurance has over-promised and under-delivered?

  • Have you experienced denial of benefits, delayed treatment due to waiting periods, or been denied coverage based on outdated calendar year maximums?

We have an alternative for you!  Join our Advantage Plan

  • YOU control your benefits

  • YOU have no hassles with an insurance company

  • YOU choose affordable annual payments

  • YOU have the freedom to choose your treatments

  • YOU get exact pricing……no more “estimates”

  • YOU are never denied coverage again

It’s not insurance…….it’s better!  Our Advantage Plan (AP) is an annual reduced-fee savings plan for families and individuals who value their dental health, and entitles all members to quality, state-of-the-art dental care at greatly reduced prices.

Unlike conventional dental insurance plans, with the Advantage Plan there are no deductibles, no yearly maximums, and no waiting periods to begin treatment. AP benefits coverage begins immediately on plan registration and payment.  Best of all, because AP is administered by our office independently, we handle everything for you, and you will always have a personal contact for plan questions and information.

I have insurance.

Patients sometimes wonder if our office is ‘on the list’ for their insurance company. They are usually referring to a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) dental insurance plan which encourages them to choose a dentist within the company’s network. Our decision to remain non-contracted with most insurance carriers is driven by several factors:

  • It allows us to spend more time with each patient.

  • It allows us to offer better care to patients. The dentist and patient choose the treatment plan rather than the insurance company dictating the options available.

  • It allows us to focus on quality in every aspect of our office – from technology to materials to dental labs.

  • It still allows most patients with a PPO insurance plan to see the dentist of their choice.

  • Most of the time, patients find the out-of-pocket difference to be a non-issue relative to the value of seeing a dentist they know and trust. Some patients even forgo dental insurance entirely, opting instead for our Advantage Plan.


What’s in it for you?

With AP, your annual preventive care is covered completely, and frequency of visits is custom-tailored based on individual patient needs.  This includes all cleanings and all x-rays at cleaning visits, periodontal screening, courtesy fluoride treatments, oral cancer screening, oral hygiene instruction, and expert consultation……in short, the best pathway to your optimal dental health.  You receive preventive care that is both affordable AND ideally suited to your individual situation, and you receive it at significant savings over “paying as you go”.


Additionally, and best of all, your membership also entitles you to a 20% courtesy on any and all other services you receive in our office.  This includes crowns, bridges, implants, fillings, dentures, etc…..even cosmetic services such as whitening or veneers. There are no exclusions, no annual maximums, and no waiting periods.  Note: We typically offer bundled pricing on implant services; Advantage Plan members will pay the lesser of Advantage Plan pricing OR the bundled price.


What’s in it for us?

Quite simply, dental insurance companies have become a tremendous barrier in the patient/doctor relationship.  Whether it’s excessive paperwork, treatment denials, shrinking benefits, or expanded limitations, it serves to hinder our patients from receiving the care they need and deserve.  The Advantage Plan returns the focus of dental care where it belongs…..between the doctor and patient!

Furthermore, AP encourages regular preventive care.  When we see you regularly and are able to provide ideal preventive care affordably, your overall treatment is less complex.

 We are able to diagnose and address potential concerns earlier and with less complexity. This makes for a rewarding, pleasant overall experience for our patients.  In turn, they can’t stop talking about us and our service, and our practice grows! Everyone wins.

Lastly, and very importantly, this plan allows us to provide a solution to existing and prospective patients who have no dental insurance but value great dentistry.



Please inquire with Sheila regarding Advantage Plan pricing for you and your family and to obtain registration and membership materials.  Be sure to ask about our large family plan for families enrolling 4 or more children; Dr. Vacek understands the financial realities of a large family.   Eligible family members include legal spouse and dependent children under the age of 25. Plan duration is for one year from the registration date. Benefits are available only at Vacek Family Dentistry.

We also have plan tiers available for those patients on 3 and 4 month continuing care intervals and will be happy to discuss the optimal plan for your individual situation.

As a courtesy and for your convenience, annual Advantage Plan membership fees can be divided into two payments.  Please advise Sheila if you would like to take advantage of this option.

For your convenience, membership will renew at each anniversary date unless specifically cancelled by a member.  The office will honor cancellation requests any time leading up to and within the first 30 days of the renewal period.