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Let’s start off with a very simple fact … patients don’t want dental implants; they want teeth! That’s why at Vacek Family Dentistry, my staff and I decided many years ago to become experts in the field of replacing one or more missing teeth in the most stable, predictable, beautiful, and functional manner using strong, stable, and safe dental implants.

Let’s talk about dental implants.
If you are looking to replace one or more missing teeth, you are probably a good candidate for dental implants. First, we can help you navigate the big picture of dental implant treatment options, ranging all the way from clinical to financial, from one tooth to many, and from start to finish, before you even begin your journey.

We are not afraid to talk to you about the investment that implant dentistry requires at the front end, because regardless of your situation, we have multiple options to make it affordable and attainable, without compromise. First, my staff and I will sit down and talk with you to find out where exactly you want to go, including time frame and financial considerations. We are talking about a real conversation, at a round table, as equals in attaining our goals … NOT as you lay horizontal in a dental chair and we talk down to you through a mask! Is that any way to make an important decision that can literally change your life?

When you are considering dental implants for yourself or someone you love, you need a highly trained and qualified surgeon to handle the placement of the implant(s). You also need a highly skilled restorative dentist who knows the intricacies of creating a healthy, beautiful smile that will be supported by the implant(s).

What sets Dr. Vacek and his team apart when it comes to dental implant expertise?

See what one patient has to say about implant dentistry in our office We think Joette captures what makes us different:

I don't want to compromise what I want!

We do not advertise the cheapest dental implants around, or try to cut corners to save cost! Instead, we achieve affordability through technology and efficiency. A great example is CBCT 3D imaging in our office with the Dentsply Sirona XG3D. This comfortable, 18 second scan gives us the most detailed three-dimensional view of the potential implant site and surrounding area available in the industry. It is the cornerstone of our planning. It amazes us still even to this day, but we are also able to use our cad/cam imaging with CEREC to design the final tooth BEFORE the implant is even placed! The merging of these technologies literally means we do your entire surgery virtually before we ever start. Planning is one thing … the execution is what matters. Our plan becomes reality when we 3D print a surgical guide that precisely delivers the implant or implants to the site such that the planned end result is precisely as expected and intended. This level of planning is not reserved for complex cases, but rather is standard procedure for us day in and day out.

Here is a video of an implant being designed in real-time, which we can do for you at your consult appointment, inviting you into the process and helping you understand what is possible.

How do I know if this is the right dental implant solution for me?

  • A surgery that is faster, more predictable, and less invasive than traditional implant surgery.
  • A surgical result that is idealized for the end restorative plan.
  • An upfront and straightforward cost estimate without nickel and dime surprises.
  • A more pleasant experience for patient and doctor alike!