Digital Dentures in Lincoln

Digital Dentures in Lincoln

Advantages of Digital Dentures: Trial Denture “Test-Drive” vs Wax try-in

Instead of trying in your denture teeth with wax and hoping it doesn’t change at the lab, you can actually wear it home and make sure that you like how it looks and feels before we fabricate the final prosthesis. This allows us to make sure that it will fit better and with fewer adjustments when you get your final denture. As a bonus, the Trial denture can be kept as a backup or emergency denture if you lose or break your denture while you wait for a new one to be made.

Dentures with Fewer Appointments If you have an ill-fitting, worn, or broken denture, we can use that as a template and use our 3D scanner to design a new trial denture after 1 short appointment.

Easy Replacement of Lost Dentures

If we make the digital denture, we save the 3D file and can replace them on demand usually in a day or two. This saves you multiple appointments and money.

Digital Dentures in Lincoln

High Strength Milled Denture

The use of high strength solid acrylic all but eliminates denture tooth debonding, or “popping-out”