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Preventative dental services do exactly what the name implies – they stop problems, like dental disease and tooth loss, BEFORE they start.

Why are preventative dental visits important?

Your oral health affects your entire body. When gum disease sets in, it does more than cause irritated, puffy gums. It raises your risk for a whole host of serious illnesses, including heart attack, stroke, memory loss and diabetic complications. Moms-to-be should be especially diligent about oral health as periodontal problems have been associated with low birth weight babies and pre-term labor.

What’s involved in a general dental visit?
During your professional hygiene appointment, our gentle hygienists will inspect your gums for periodontal disease, the leading cause of tooth loss for American adults. The hygienists are specially trained to detect, deter and treat gum disease. We prefer to help you maintain optimal oral health so that you never have to worry about gum disease. However, if you develop periodontal problems, we're here to help you.